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Onboarding employees with Read Confirmations App

In this example, we will be building a simple introduction path for new employees of our fictitious company ACME Corp.

We start by adding a new Onboarding Space to Confluence

Now in order to make configuring read confirmations easier for us, we can create an automation rule, so we don't have to set up each page individually.

You can access rules via the space administration - read confirmations UI.

We will limit the read confirmation widget to pages with the label "onboarding" - whenever a page with this label is created or this label is added to an existing page, the read confirmation button will be visible on the page.

In this example, we will limit the audience to a group of new employees. This is optional - it ensures that only members of this group can confirm reading the page.

Now, when a page with the label "onboarding" is created, the read confirmation button is displayed at the bottom of the page. You can customize the location by adding the macro anywhere on the page.

Now, a list of read confirmations is accessible